Great reasons why your church home needs church stained glass windows so let’s dive in and get started.

It’s Affordable

Believe it or not stained glass windows for your church are actually affordable. While lots of places tell you that it can be costly, and in certain scenario’s that’s true, purchasing a stock model window is actually priced at about the $1,000 mark. Buying a set of 10 windows for example can run you about $10-12,000 which is reasonable according to Religious News Magazine.

It Creates Beauty

The great thing about stained glass is that its actually artwork. Our studio employees are true artists by trade and each piece of work that we create is a piece of living art. Living art is something that is beautiful and also functional as well. It allows sunlight into the church in various colors, it often times tells a story all the while making your church home look great too!

It’s NOT just for Traditional Church Homes

Lots of modern church homes all across the United States have stained glass. From storefront churches to large mega churches, church stained glass is perfect for God’s House. Believe it or not, we see a lot of newer churches installing our stained glass products and our churches love them!

They Last a Lifetime

Through proper care, each window can literally last a lifetime. Installing a church window is not an easy task and even its all said and done, you still need to do annual preventive maintenance. Taking care of your windows properly can help keep them in top shape and allow them to literally last generation after generation.

Whether you’re a small congregation or a mega church, stained glass is a great way to show the community that your building is more than just a church, but it’s an artistic way to shape the look of your church, to tell stories and to give your home an amazing look. 

Why Should My Church Home Invest in Stained Glass Windows ? 

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