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Derrick Gann

Why should my church get stained glass windows? And how do we care for Them? 

 In 1992, a Virginia entrepreneur, former factory worker, and craftsman embarked on the unorthodox calling of enhancing sanctuaries through the art of Stained Glass. Owner, Harold Jennings, dedicated himself to personally learning the biblical craft as an understudy for some of the nations best manufacturers. Afterwards , he assembled driven and anointed craftsman to execute this vision. 24 years later, the rest is history. Jennings Stained Glass can literally be found coast to coast in all denominations, various church homes and even some organizations. ​

Our stained glass window artisans have the expertise to install, repair, and restore your church windows.  

Built just south of Lynchburg, Virginia, which is home to Liberty University, our products come in all shapes and sizes for your church home. Each window we manufacturer is drawn, designed, cut and built by hand the exact specifications that you request. 

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